Minimum Level of Empowerment

The minimum level in the personal, economic and social empowerment of the participating woman has been defined as follows:

  • Gender equity: Disobedience of restrictive practices, fulfilment of practical gender needs, family and community affirmative actions
  • Reproductive health: Primary knowledge of reproductive health care, readiness to talk about problems and seek a cure thereof, neibourly sensitivity in the event of family insensitivity
  • Life-skill education: Self-confidence as to expressing oneself, judging the merit of what other people say, taking decisions.
  • Adequate prosperity: A source of income to live on throughout the year, savings to subsist on for up to two months just in case, financial standing to bear the cost of education for up to school level and that of the necessary health care available within the country

Institutional participation: External communications, extended company, membership of a community organisation with the activeness to take leadership or followership depending upon the need.