Strategy Paper

Working in the field of women's development often means everything. In the first place women hold half the sky, and secondly influences that many be labelled 'irrelevant' to development are rare. The choice of what to do, or rather, what not to do is therefore fundamental to achieving the purpose of the Department of Women and Children.

The strategy paper of the Department presents its governing ideas and the basics of its business. Specified along with strategies are the target group, the minimum level of empowerment and the modality of implementation. Measures of progress have been given as well.

Because their empowerment is central to effecting changes everywhere, the focus has been maintained on rural women. But the strategy paper is about advancing child rights, too. For the most past, women's empowerment and enjoyment of child rights go together. Where they do not, the strategy paper provides for addressing child rights issues through mainstreaming intervention.

Critics sometimes point to the need for two strategy papers – on women and also on children. But inasmuch as strategic actions take place in one area producing changes in another, it does not matter whether one starts with Women or children. Needless to say there is no starting point ahead of the mother.